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Why do you choose SHF – Super Hair Factory? 

  • 02 Mar

    Why do you choose SHF – Super Hair Factory? 

    Super Hair Factory keeps the highest standards in the high-end human hair industry. 

    Most of our hair extensions are packaged with more hair in terms of weight and better length ratio – fuller ends and less short hair throughout. For example, our 4-ounce package (around 115 grams) vs. 100 grams or less from other brands or vendors.  
    Not just more and fuller hair packaging, but our definition of the hair lengths is also of higher standards. For example, our packaged 18″ hair extensions are actually 20″ long or even longer, unlike the other brands or vendors who define the hair length by measuring the hair extensions from the top to the very thin end of hair tips. That’s why some knowledgeable customers say that they would rather buy 18″ hair from SHF than buy 22″-24″ hair from other brands or vendors. 
    We provide one of the best post-purchase customer services in the industry by offering a return policy for up to 90 days. 
    At SHF, we say: ” The better-educated customers are better customers!”

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