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I am a hairstylist and salon owner. I have been ordering hair from Super Hair Factory for at least 7 years. They have been a godsend for me and all of my clients. I pride myself on doing hair extensions in a way that does not damage the clients own hair, but I could not rest assured that every client would have a good hair extension experience until I found Super Hair Factory. I have been doing hair for 24 years and have had several bad experiences with hair that claims to be of good quality, but unpredictably mats up like dog hair. The quality of my work doesn’t matter. If the quality of the hair isn’t good the whole experience turns into a nightmare for both myself and the client.

Since I’ve been working with Joe and Alan, I can rest assured that I will have the most beautiful hair with perfect color matching and unbelievable longevity for every client. and the icing on the cake is the reliability and efficiency of order processing along with Joe and Alan’s Extensive knowledge of all the product they carry. Their hard work and genuine concern for their clients is heart warming.

I work with many people who have medical conditions that cause hair loss. Some are even to embarrassed to leave their homes. But over and over again with the help of Super Hair Factory hair I am able to see clients leave with happy tears, knowing they can face the world again with confidence. I watch them blossom over time as they become the people they never thought they could be because of the embarrassment regarding their condition.Unfortunately appearance is no small thing in our culture.
Debbie Y. – Wisconsin

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Hello my name is April M. and I’m a very experienced hair stylist doing hair extensions for many years. I am a huge fan of the SuperRemi line of hair. Not only do I refuse to put any thing else on my clients, I have had my extensions in for three years. They are so much easier to maintain and need so little maintenance. Their quality speaks for itself!
–April M. (UT)

I bought the SuperRemi hand tied yaki perm hair and wore it for 4 months with no problems.
–Angie D. (CA)

This was a nice surprise to receive your response. By your quick response you have shown me that you will be the only company that I will purchase hair products from now on. I have had extensions for two years now and love them, but I have to save money and apply them myself (somehow) due to trying to save money for all of my children. Compare to the other hair company (my hair is natural wavy), they have terrible customer service and were not even happy to answer questions over the phone. I also have trouble matching my hair color. It is like a flat dark brown with no red or gold, lighter than an off black probably. I had sent off to that hair company for a color ring a month ago and still have not received it yet.
–Sally S. (TX)

For many years now Super Hair Factory made me feel and look great. Hair quality is amazing. Thank you for such a great product and service.
–Jill P. (NY)

I have used this hair for, close to ten years. This is the hair that my hair lady would order. Occasionally, I have ordered from other places but had to return it because the quality was horrible. This has been the best quality by far, I have order prob from six different places.
–Victoria S. (TX)