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Q: How do I take care of my human hair extensions?
You can handle your new hair extensions in the same way you would handle a head of your own natural long hair. However, hot water and shampoo alone are harmful to hair extensions. Since the commercial human hair is no longer nourished by scalp like your own hair, preconditioning is required for commercial human hair before you shampoo your own hair. You can let the shampoo rinse through the preconditioned commercial hair, and then deep condition the commercial human hair by reconditioning the commercial hair and keeping it in for a few minutes before rinsing it out by lukewarm or cooler water. Your stylist will recommend products to keep your extensions healthy and long lasting. For more handling tips, please give us a call @ 770-234-0111 or 800-747-7318.
Q: Can I wash and comb my hair extensions?
Yes, you can handle your new hair extensions in the same way you would handle a head of your own natural long hair. For handling tips give us a call @ 770-234-0111
Q: Can the color of the extension hair match the color of my hair?
We have the largest hair spectrum of natural human hair colors in the industry. As long as you have natural color hair, you are pretty much covered.
Q: Do you carry high quality human hair for braiding?
YES, we do carry some textures for braiding, such as 20” Yaki (bulk) 20″ Natural wave (bulk) and all the other Super Long bulk hair. However, the other textures are excellent for braiding too. What you need to do is just to cut the hair off the track before braiding. Call us if you’re not sure. Most of our hair braiding customers use this high quality human hair for micro-braiding or tree-braiding.
Q: Do you do custom blending?
YES, we do custom blending for fusion and braiding customers ONLY. The custom blended hair is all off track and comes in bulk. You can have us blend any natural colors and textures as you desire. A hair sample is normally required for custom blending. Custom blended hair has to be prepaid and is non-returnable and non-refundable.
Q: How can I order your product?
If you would like to place an order, please feel free to call us at 1-800-747-7318 (within USA) or 770-234-0111 (Georgia Customers/International Customers). Other than calling in to place an order, you can order online at or fax your order to 770-454-7757 with your payment information. If you need personalized service, feel free to place your order over the phone.
Q: How can I pick the right color and texture by the time I place an order?
*Online color chart may be represented differently on different computer monitors.* We have color and texture charts shown on the website. The difference between each color sometimes is very subtle. To avoid confusion and mistakes, you can either order a color swatch from us or send a hair sample to us to match the color you want. If you need the hair urgently, you can call our color specialist to discuss your color issue. If the color or texture is not what you expect, you can return the hair for exchange or even a refund within 30 days of the invoice date. Please check the details of our return policy.
Q: How does your company commit to customer satisfaction?
We specialize in only the best quality 100% human Remi hair products. All of the hair products we carry are tangle-free guaranteed. We do not carry any lower quality human hair or synthetic hair products. We also guarantee you get the best retail price for the same quality hair in the industry within 15 days of purchasing. If you find a better price elsewhere, we will match your price. Remember, you are dealing with a factory outlet place. Our professional and personalized service will tell you who the best in this industry is. We are committed to excellence. We strive to follow the “Golden Rule” and treat every customer the way we would want to be treated.
Q: How long will hair extensions last?
On the average, a full head of extensions will last from three to six months with proper care. It may stretch even longer time if you really take good care of the hair.
Q: How much does it cost?
It varies depending on length, texture, style, color, application.
Q: How much hair should I order?
In general, an average person theoretically needs 6-8 ounces of hair to do a full head of hair extensions. It varies depending on how full you would like your hair to look and how big the area you have to cover.
Q: How soon can I get my order?
You can always receive your order the very next business day, even on Saturdays, for continental US destinations. We ship each order the same day it is placed as long as it is before 5:00 P.M. EST. We ship primarily via FedEx. You can choose from priority/standard overnight, 2nd day air, 3 day express saver or ground. Other carriers can be selected, but a special handling fee will be charged.
Q: If I am wearing a perm, will the extension hair match my texture?
Yes, along with a wide variety of colors, our hair extensions also come in many textures including permed and relaxed.
Q: Is the hair you use human hair?
Yes, 100% human hair.
Q: What are the origins of your hair product?
The origins of our hair products are different depending on the textures. The Caucasian textures are predominately European and Indian origins. Most of our top line human hair products have mixed origins to achieve the best end result. The hair from different origins have different advantages and disadvantages and none of them itself is superior in every aspect. The mixture of origins is really the factor that makes our hair quality superior. That is why we have satisfied customers all over the world.
Q: What are the payment options?
We prefer Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We accept cashier’s check or money order as COD (Collect On Delivery) payments. For Online orders we also accept payments through PayPal. Personal or business checks are accepted for mailed-in prepayment. However, your order may be held up to 10 days for check to clear. For International customers, you have Western Union MoneyGram, International MoneyGram, bank-to-bank wire transfer, and PayPal as your payment options (please call (1-770-234-0111) for more details.
Q: What is the difference between hand-tied weft and machine weft for weaving?
They both have advantages and disadvantages. The machine weft is thicker than hand-tied weft and it seems easier for weaving than hand-tied ones. Hand-tied weft is micro thin and barely visible, so it is more undetectable and flexible. Consult your hair stylist first before ordering. NEVER cut hand-tied weft when weaving hair extensions are applied.
Q: What is your three months tangle-free guarantee?
For top quality hair, we are responsible for any tangling problems within three months from the invoice date and based on appropriate application and maintenance. We have this policy because we have confidence to the quality of our 100% human Remi hair extensions. Indeed, we only have few cases of tangling in our company’s history. We have many satisfied customers all over the world. In most cases, the tangling problems occur due to inappropriate applications and maintenance. Call or e-mail if you have any questions on applications and maintenance.
Q: What type of hair is used?
Only the highest quality human hair. It is carefully selected to match your color, high lights, and texture.


Q: After I receive my hair extensions, will I be able to depend on my Extensionist for assistance?
Yes, your extensionist will introduce you to a maintenance program that will assist you the entire time you wear extensions.
Q: Are the extensions comfortable?
Normally the extensions feel just like your own hair.
Q: Can I wash and brush my own extensions?
Yes, you can handle your new extensions just as a head of your own naturally long hair. Your stylist will recommend products to keep your extensions healthy and long lasting.
Q: In what condition will my own hair be after the extensions are removed?
Your hair will be just like it was before the extensions were put in, there are no adverse effects with proper application.
Q: Is your process of hair extensions comfortable?
Yes, it feels like your own hair.
Q: May I alter the colors of hair extensions if they do not exactly match the colors I want?
Theoretically, all human hair can be dyed to change the color and add highlights, BUT the outcome of the color dyed varies, depending on what dye is used. Therefore we do NOT recommend the customers do that because we have no control on that procedure. We are not responsible for anything wrong after the color alteration, this should be done at the customers own risk.
Q: What about the condition of my hair when the extensions are removed?
If properly cared for, your hair will be much like it was before the extensions were applied.
Q: Who is a candidate for extensions?
Anyone who wants or needs longer, thicker and fuller hair.
Q: Will the color and texture of the extension hair match my own hair?
Yes, in a wide variety of colors and textures and can be blended to match virtually any hair. Even if your hair is permed, naturally curly, or highlighted, we can offer you the most natural, realistic extensions.
Q: Will the extensions damage my hair?
No, in fact, some say their hair growth was increased.