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Important Notice – Identity Theft Alert

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    21 Nov

    Important Notice – Identity Theft Alert

    Recently, we have received a lot of complaints from our customers that someone stealing our identity through Google ads. When a web browser searches “Super Hair Factory”, another business followed those keywords saying “Hair Warehouse in Atlanta”.

    A customer of ours recently complained to us saying:

    “That business is solely using Google ads to mislead consumers. I called them for directions to Super Hair Factory. But, when I got there, I knew they were NOT Super Hair Factory. They are just a low-quality hair dumping place here in Atlanta, using “wholesale” as a selling point to fool the customers. It’s so awful! They simply wasted my time. How can someone steal your identity like that?! It’s such an unethical business practice!”

    This customer was so right! Super Hair Factory, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Georgia in 2002.  We are the ONLY “Super Hair Factory” that is recognized by the Federal government with a unique Federal Tax Identification Number assigned by the IRS to a business entity operating in the United States for the purposes of identification.

    We use the word “Super” in “Super Hair Factory” to represent the superior quality and variety we offer in the high-end human hair market. NOT by offering mass quantity while sacrificing quality. That unethical business is not only stealing Super Hair Factory’s identity but also ruining Super Hair Factory’s high-end image that we built over the past 15+ years. 

    Dear consumers, be aware of who you are dealing with and use your actions to say “NO” to that business’s immoral and unethical business practices.

    Thank you!