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SupeRemi Halo Hair Extensions – Body Wave

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SupeRemi Halo Hair Extensions – Body Wave

SupeRemi Halo Hair Extensions are made of the highest quality human hair available in the market today. This 100% human remi hair is aligned with cuticles in the same direction for a tangle free experience.

The quality of SupeRemi hair begins with raw materials and step-by-step quality control. SupeRemi is made from healthy and youthful hair that goes through unique processing methods to ensure exceptional quality. Because of our endless efforts to ensure the best product, SupeRemi will always deliver.

Our wavy Halo extensions are equipped with our exclusive high-quality strips to guarantee a firm and long lasting bonding. 

SupeRemi Halo Body Wave hair extensions give you a large, roller set look. The waves will loosen and straighten out after washing. These SupeRemi® Halo hair extensions are ideal for those who like to set their hair in rollers or simply like a hint of extra body.

Quality: 100% top quality human remi hair extensions.

Comfortable: It is invisible, flexible and comfortable. The wefts lay close to the scalp and feel the most natural.

Seamless: You’ll find many color options to make our extensions seamless in feel and color. 

Durable: Strong, yet thin, our wefts are beautiful and last without shedding. They can be reused multiple times.

Speed: Our Hand Tied Weft Extensions are the most beautiful way to apply comfortable volume and length on the market, the entire application takes less than two hours.


If you dream about superior quality, long-lasting soft human remi hair full of body and natural luster, then you have found the hair you dreams are made of.

**Super Hair Factory is proud to announce our exclusive availability of cool blonde colors and color combinations.**


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