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Magic Iron

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Magic Iron products generate negative ions (or anions) and ozone directly by using an ion generator. This product is coated with pure ceramic, which allows ions to come through in large quantity, unlike the coatings that many other companies use. This featured product has many attributes and is very affordable.

• Negative Ion (or Anion): Vitamin in the Air!
» Air Purification & Reduce Static Electricity
» Shiny & Soft Hair
» Dust Removal and Sterilization Action
» Eliminate Dandruff
»Increasing Resistance to Diseases

2. Ceramic Heater
• Far Infrared Ray
» Reduce Chemicals and Bacteria Build-up in Hair
» Stimulate Metabolism & Blood Circulation

3. Special Features
• Built-in Ion Generator
» Automatic Temperature Control System
» Ceramic Ion Coating Plate
» One-Touch Digital Switch
» 360° Swivel Cord
» Stylish Design & Comfortable Handling

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