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18″ Bohyme Clip-In Hair Extensions – Body Wave (7pc)

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Bohyme Clip-In Hair Extensions – Body Wave

Bohyme clip-in hair extensions are made from one of the highest quality human hair available on the market today. This 100% human Remi hair is aligned with cuticles in the same direction for a tangle-free experience. The quality of Bohyme hair begins with raw materials and step-by-step quality control. Bohyme is made from healthy and youthful hair that goes through unique processing methods to ensure exceptional quality. 

These clip-in hair extensions by Bohyme are made of 100% Remi human hair and are quick and easy to install. There is no need for chemicals, glue, or sewing. Simply clip the hair in, and then take it out as you desire. Bohyme clip-in hair extensions are totally reusable. You will enjoy a longevity of this clip-in product with a proper care. If you dream about superior quality, long-lasting soft human Remi hair full of body and natural luster, then you have found the hair you dreams are made of.

Body wave gives a large, roller set look. The waves will loosen and straighten out after washing. It is ideal for those who like to set their hair in rollers, or would like a hint of body.

Suggested Application Procedure:

Step 1: Separate the area of your hair where the clips will be placed
Step 2: Measure and Clip the largest pieces across the back of your head to establish a good fit. Begin layering from the bottom of your scalp and work your way up.
Step 3: You may backcomb your hair so the clips attach more easily.
Step 4: Add the smaller pieces on the side and back of the head to fill in as necessary to create a fuller, more natural looking.
Step 5: Repeat the steps for as many clip-in extensions that you want to add.

Each package contains:

1 pc  – 10″ Wide Weft with 4 Clips
1 pc  – 8″ Wide Weft with 3 Clips
1 pc  – 7″ Wide Weft with 3 Clips
2 pc  – 5″ Wide Weft With 2 Clips
2 pc  – 3″ Wide Weft With 2 Clips

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