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10″ Fine Toppers/Large Closures (5″x6″) – Yaki Straight

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Our Hair toppers/Large Closures, designed to be clipped or weaved onto the top portion of the head, are made from 100% high-quality human remi hair.

The skin base is see-through, breathable, and 5″X6″ size in oval shape. It’s very easy and comfortable to wear. It can be used as a side part, on the crown, to cover thin areas or make bangs. This hair topper blends in with the rest of the client’s hair or hair extensions to add ability to wear parts and increases the number of hairstyles possible.

Our very fine Hair Toppers are made by state of arts workmanship. You deserve to have one and you’ll be proud to own it.

YAKI closure is made of a very soft and straight but coarse texture that gives body and fullness

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