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Liquid Gold Bond (1 oz) / Dozen

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The only bonding agent that you can do bonding for hair extensions & off track invisible fusion. No special equipment needed.

Fast, easy removing without hair breakage.

Contains no water and does not smell like ammonia or formaldehyde.

Dries clear, not black or white.

Never has to be reapplied due to drying (all of the others have to be bonded quickly before it dries). In fact, the drier Liquid Gold gets after applied, the better it will bond.

Bonds up to five times stronger, and lasts five times longer than the others due to its special formula that allows you to use it in conjunction with thermo heat (an ordinary curling iron).

Short drying time (3-5 minutes).

Useful for braids, extensions, duck tails, or contrasting colors for streaks, tips or frosting.

Only Liquid Gold Bond Remover will remove Liquid Gold Bonder.

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